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Management of pension and social security issuance

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With the continuous development ofthe Covid-19, a local government hastaken a series of measures to preventand control the epidemic and protectpeople's livelihood.

Among them, in order to ensure the normaldistribution of pensions to the elderly over theage of 80 during the epidemic, and at the sametime reduce the risk of infection as little as possi-ble a local government decided to use ChenxiangA80G industrial tablet for the distribution andmanagement of pensions to promote pensiondistribution. Precise and efficient work.


1.Due to the inconvenience of the elderly and the impact of the new crown epidemic, the previous fixed fingerprint collection method for identity verificationand registration can no longer meet the application needs.

2.There are many elderly people over 80 years old in the local area, and the living places are scattered.Relevant staff need to adopt more convenient information collection, comparison and registration methods to distribute pensions forthe elderly as accurately and efficiently as possible.

3.When collecting and comparing information on these elderly people, not only the accurate collection and identification of fingerprintsand other information is required, but also equipment is required to safely protect fingerprints and other related information to preventcriminals from stealing and profiting.


Taking into account the application requirements and the overall performance of theproduct,the pension distribution management department chose to configure an information-based allowance distribution management pan base Chenxiang A80G smart tablet application.

According to this plan, when the stff is distributing pensions to the elderly,the fingerprint function equipped with the portableA80G industrial tabletcan accurately and quicklycollect and identify fingerprint information , and can accurately identif fake fingerprits At the same time,the integrated NFC function can be used to identify and verify citizens'ID cards, such as lD card information,to quickly and accurately verify and register personalidentity information.And all the above data information can be transmitted to the background system through the wireles networkinral time forrecord keeping.



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